Marriage to foreign women in Europe

Marriage to foreign women in Europe is quite common and generally straightforward, though the specific process and legal requirements can vary from country to country. Here are some general points to consider:

The easiest country in Europe for foreigners to marry Marriage to foreign women in Europe


  • Denmark is often considered one of the easiest countries in Europe for foreigners to marry. The process is relatively simple with minimal residency requirements (typically a few days) and straightforward documentation (like passports and proof of single status). There are even services that specialize in assisting foreigners with the paperwork


  • Cyprus has become popular for destination weddings due to its easy marriage requirements. The process is generally quick and simple, with minimal documentation needed. Cyprus also offers a variety of wedding packages and services tailored for international couples.

3.Czech Republic

  • Prague, in the Czech Republic, has become a popular destination for weddings. The country generally has straightforward procedures for foreign couples, though some paperwork and possibly a short residency requirement might apply.


  • Malta offers a streamlined process for foreigners to marry, with relatively simple documentation requirements. It’s also a beautiful location for a destination wedding.

Which country grants citizenship the fastest through marriage.

As of my last update, which was in January 2022, countries have varying processes and timelines for granting citizenship through marriage. However, it’s important to note that the speed of obtaining citizenship through marriage can depend on a variety of factors including residency requirements, the complexity of the naturalization process, and the specific circumstances of the marriage.


Paraguay offers a fast-track to citizenship through marriage. The process typically involves residing in the country for three years, with less stringent requirements compared to other countries.


  • Moldova has a straightforward process for obtaining citizenship through marriage, typically requiring three years of marriage and residency in the country.


  • Georgia has relatively liberal naturalization laws, and citizenship through marriage can be obtained after just one year of marriage and residency.


  • While Argentina has a longer residency requirement (typically two years), it generally has a straightforward process for obtaining citizenship through marriage.

It’s essential to verify the current requirements and processes directly with the respective country’s immigration authorities or embassy, as these can change over time. Additionally, factors such as language proficiency, financial stability, and criminal record checks may also influence the citizenship application process.

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